5 of the Best Beer Styles

5 of the Best Beer Styles


As there are many refined tastes for a beer, there are as many beer styles. Namely, style of a beer describes beer’s aroma and flavor, and serves to describe what the beer tastes, looks and feels like.

Here are our top 5 beer styles for anyone’s taste:

Amber beer type

This is one of the most versatile beer tastes and can include a wide variety of aromas added into it, such as caramel which is the most common one. Because of its versatility, it can appeal to almost all beer lovers. Think of it as a Swiss army knife among beers.

Blonde beer type

Beers that belong to the blonde beer type, or the blonde ale type, are usually defined by pale color and a crisp, clear taste. They are almost never too bitter, and bitterness level varies from mild to middle. These beers are mostly very refreshing.

Dark beer type

Dark ale draws its roots in British lands. It’s characterized by medium chestnut brown type of color, and is easily recognized by its strong taste, which makes it not the ideal type of beer for everyone. Beer lovers who prefer bitter and strong beer will enjoy dark ale types.

Light beer type

Characterized by its light color and very mild taste, this is usually the beer of choice in summer. Difference between light beer types and blonde beer types is in the levels of alcohol, as light types usually have less alcohol – among the lowest amount of all beer types. It’s also the beer I personally find most appealing to people who don’t drink regularly.

Honey beer type

Beers of this type are among the sweetest you can find. They are characterized by a creamy texture and are copper colored. They can often contain caramel aroma as well. Because of their sweetness, I don’t recommend you consuming it in big quantities, as it can leave a very bad aftertaste in your mouth.

There are plenty more extraordinary good beer styles, each being unique with its set of flavors, colors, bitterness and alcohol levels. The list here was made with the intention to bring some of the most commonly chosen styles, and to try to explain their characteristics a bit. However, if you feel adventurous, I can highly advise you to try ales from other countries, as you can feel much of the cultural heritage through a national beer of one nation. Keep in mind that you should consume beer with caution and not drive while intoxicated – you’ll save lives.

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