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Green Eco-friendly Tips On How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Green Eco-friendly Tips On How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean


Did you know that you can keep your kitchen sparkling clean with some very green and inexpensive household products? You will be able to both save the earth and save yourself in the wallet.

The key green cleaners that we recommend are a big box of baking soda, a gallon of vinegar and table salt in as big a container as you can buy it. Keep in mind that baking soda is a fantastic green cleaner for the entire home. It also will not contaminate food and is odor-free. Baking soda is only somewhat abrasive, and it will not harm any of your kitchen surfaces. Whether you have linoleum or expensive marble, your kitchen is safe.

Another good product to have in combination with the vinegar is some lemons or lemon juice. The lemon juice will clean as vinegar does, but it has a more pleasant odor. Below are some details on how to keep your kitchen clean. In case you’re interested, you can see Naniwa products here.

Sink Drains

Don’t use regular drain cleaners. These are very corrosive products that degrade the environment, and they can damage your pipes too. If you have a clog, you should first try to use boiling water to clear it. You also can try a drain cleaner with enzyme action, which is better than nasty acids.

After you have cleaned out the drain, you should do regular maintenance on your drain, so it does not happen again. About once per week, you should put ¼ of a cup of baking soda down the kitchen drain. Then you should pour down a  cup of vinegar. You should then let these two products sit there for about twenty minutes. Don’t put anything else down the drain for that 20 minutes. While this is starting, begin to boil some water. Then you should flush out the drain with that boiled water.

If you have had a lot of greasy dishes lately, you may need to turbocharge this treatment. You can mix in of a cup of salt and of a cup of baking soda and pour them down the drain. Then you can flush the mixture out with your hottest tap water.


As you can probably guess, you should never use those super-powerful oven cleaners. They tell you to get everyone out of your home when using these products, so you probably should be using something else. They are not friendly to the environment.

A safer option is for you to sprinkle baking soda (1/4 of an inch or so) on the bottom of your oven. Spray it down with a spray bottle of water. Spray it every few hours to keep it a bit wet. Let it sit there overnight. Come morning. You should scrape out the soda and the oven grime with a damp sponge.

The best way to deal with the oven is to do a little bit of this sort of cleaning every few weeks. This way you do not have a massive build up of oven grime to tackle all at once.


You can clean any spills on your stovetop quite easily if you sprinkle it with salt. The salt will absorb most of the spill. It also is mildly abrasive, but it will not hurt the surface. If you spill something in the electric burner, you can put salt and cinnamon on it and wipe it right away. You can clean ceramic glass cooktops with an old toothbrush and some baking soda.

Electric machines

You must be specially careful with electric machines. If you’re looking for a good return on your investment and keep your machines working properly for a long time, cleaning them regularly is a suggestion you must follow. Electric knife sharpeners, coffee makers, bread toaster and the like, must be cleaned at lest once a week.